“We do not remember the days, we remember moments.”

Kelsey Grace is a filmmaker based out of Long Beach California. In her youth, she traveled and lived  across North America and Europe filming her experiences as she grew up. The different cultures and adventures have influenced her creatively. Kelsey’s directorial debut was featured at the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Festival for her short film, What’s Uptick? (2014) Maiden Voyage Productions, winning the Audience Choice Award. She is directing and producing a child advocacy documentary: Fallen Butterflies, featuring Priscilla Perez,James Haven, Anton Yelchin and Jon Voight. Also, collaborating in writing and producing the Original Series Preppers (2015), both 4th Street Productions.

“My passion is to tell stories through films, If the story keeps you on the edge of your seat anticipating whats next, or relaxing back, moves you to laugh, cry, and feel tenderness – those are the stories I am compelled to tell.” – Kelsey Grace

About 4th Street  Productions:
“4th Street Productions is a diverse Long Beach production company that produces films to inspire the betterment of ourselves and our community. Through the unification of media arts and education we believe films have the ability to empower the masses with knowledge, even if that knowledge is abstract and ethereal.” –4th Street Productions

Where is Molly?

watch in 720p HD

What’s Uptick?

watch in 720p HD

Fallen Butterflies

watch in 720p HD

Last Call

watch in 720p HD


watch in 720p HD


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